24 November 2020,   16:19
"Instead of support, the Government sabotages this project" - Anaklia Consortium Development Director-General

"Instead of support, the Government has practically sabotaged this project", Levan Akhvlediani, Director General of Anaklia Consortium, said at the special briefing.

"The Government, in our opinion, had to do everything and show all support for the project in order to help this project to be successful. Unfortunately the reality is quite the opposite. Instead of declaring support, they practically sabotaged this project for the last few months and weeks", - Akhvlediani said.

He added that during las few weeks as a result of a hard work they found two investors who were interested in the project. One - Kazakh-Hong Kong group and the second - a very large American investment group. The first one was rejected by the Government – they said that they would not welcome their investment because they were not Westerners, in particular an American investor.