20 January 2021,   21:05
Paata Salia: Seizure of 60% of TV Company can’t interfere the channel broadcasting

According to Paata Salia, the director general of Rustavi 2, the seizure of 60% of the TV station could not impede the broadcasting of the channel.

„The channel does not participate in the court dispute. The sequestrated is a 60% share of the physical person, Kibar Khalvashi, which does not interfere with the channel"s operation. Consequently, I see no danger to the company at this point. On the contrary, in the near future Rustavi 2 will launch new programs and soon a new mega-show will be broadcast. Kibar Khalvashi continues to invest in television“, - said Paata Salia.

As for the legal side of the case, according to Salia they will make a legal assessment after the court ruling.

„Kibar Khalvashi"s position is that we are going to take the decision and then, taking into account the legal and factual circumstances, we are going to take legal steps. This may be an appeal, or other step, which we will specify later. At this stage we only know from the oral narrative that the shares were seized“, - added Salia.

According to him, Khalvashi"s side must respond within 5 days after the verdict is delivered.

Tbilisi City Court has accepted Akimidze - Dvali"s lawsuit today, which seized 60% of Kibar Khalvashi"s 100% ownership of Rustavi 2.