15 January 2021,   18:42
"If they had scissors, they would cut the hair to priests" - Kobakhidze on opposition

The former Chairperson of the Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze accuse opposition of fighting against the Church.

According to the majority MP, the members of the opposition have unprecedentedly stormed and attacked the church and personally the Patriarch in recent weeks.
"We saw an unprecedented attack against the church and Patriarch by thousands of "Nationalists" (supporters and members of the UNM) on Facebook. Of course, this storm will be unsuccessful. They tried to invade Parliament on June 20 and change the government, and it ended with failure. Now they are trying to invade the Patriarchate, and that will end with failure as well because there are people, authorities, and churches that will definitely oppose such political forces. We have seen here the reincarnation of the soul that we remember from the beginning of the last century, that is the reincarnation of the Bolshevik spirit”, - said Kobakhidze.