03 December 2020,   21:38
Several lawmakers left the majority and the parliamentary seats

Vice Parliament Speaker of Georgia Tamar Chugoshvili, MPs Irina Pruidze, Giorgi Mosidze, Dimitri Tskitishvili, Tamar Khulordava, Sophio Katsarava and Zaza Khutsishvili have left the Georgian Dream ruling party after the party proposed election bill was scrapped earlier today.

The bill which offered the conduct of 2020 parliamentary elections with a fully proportional voting system and a zero threshold has been voted for by 101 MPs instead of mandatory 113 earlier today.
Three MPs of the ruling party voted against the bill and 33 others abstained from voting.
According to Tamar Khulordava, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration, they are leaving the majority.
“I am also leaving the parliamentary position. Due to the result that has come up. This issue is principled for me, this result is unacceptable to me. We have made this decision in our team… Ivanishvili was informed that it was extremely important issue for us”, - said Khulordava.