15 January 2021,   19:49
I don"t want to return to politics, but I don"t want to live in a dictatorship – Margvelashvili

I don’t really want to return to politics, but the situation is dramatic. I don"t want to live in a dictatorship. This is an answer of the former Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili on the question of reporters when they asked if he could return to politics.

Margvelashvili says there is a great chance for a dictatorship to be established in the country.

“Either today, tomorrow, we will be able to reverse this trend, or tomorrow we will go home. We will think that everything is fine, and when we leave home, we will face a dictatorship. May be someone today thinks that we are talking about a secondary issue - the form of elections. But we are actually talking about overthrowing the will of the people. Here are the citizens of Georgia who need to save Georgian democracy. Either that will happen, or we will wake up in a dictatorship”,- said Margvelashvili.