15 January 2021,   18:53
The decision has created a sense of distrust in the public, though the opposition must act within the Constitution - Italian ambassador

We call on the parties to resume political dialogue immediately, as increasing polarization damages Georgia’s democracy. The statement was made by Italian Ambassador to Georgia Antonio Bartoli after meeting with diplomatic corps of political leaders at Courtyard Marriott. 

The ambassador called on the authorities and opposition members for dialogue.
“Delaying in transformation of the current electoral system into the proportional system triggers disappointment and distrust. We heard the opinions of the oppositions. Majority of them spoke about political disappointment, saying the parliamentary majority did not keep its promise.
We cannot dictate the Georgian political forces which election system is more suitable to the country, since it’s their sovereign choice, but we, the international community, underlined that there was wide consensus about transformation onto the proportional system of elections, and it is clear that postponement of the process triggered distrust and disappointment. But we also stressed that activities of the opposition should remain within the frames of the law”, - said the Ambassador.