28 November 2020,   07:01
Guram Chalagashvili padlock General Prosecutor"s Office’s gate

The United Opposition is holding a rally outside the General Prosecutor"s Office.

Representatives of the opposition parties have padlocked the gate of the Prosecutor"s Office.

They initially planned to padlock the building door, but law enforcers did not allow them to do it.

Earlier, there was a verbal confrontation between protesters and police. In Guram Chalagashvili words (Victorious Georgia Party), as long as Bidzina Ivanishvili is in charge of the Government gets this situation.
“They want to terrorize us. They want to scare us, but they can’t achieve that goal. We will put locks, unearth, we’ll get our results. As long as Bidzina Ivanishvili is in charge of the government gets this. These boys will be fed up with this situation one day, they will take off their uniforms and stand at our side”, - said Chalagashvili.
Police are mobilized at the General Prosecutor"s Office. Law enforcers have made a living chain at the gate of the investigative body.