25 January 2021,   18:25
Cyberattack and 100 million USD damage - US imposes more sanctions on Russia

A Lamborghini-driving Moscow hacker who called his operation Evil Corp and has ties to the FSB Russian intelligence service was indicted by US authorities on Thursday for the cybertheft of tens of millions of dollars.

An indictment unsealed in Pittsburgh named Maksim Yakubets and his Evil Corp partner Igor Turashev as the main figures in a group which inserted malware on computers in dozens of countries to steal more than US$100 million from companies and local authorities.
The indictment was accompanied by sanctions from the US Treasury on the two men, as well as the announcement of a US 5 million USD reward toward Yakubets’ arrest and conviction – the highest reward ever offered for a cybercriminal.
Because of this, Washington expanded sanctions against 7 Russian companies and 17 individuals.