21 January 2021,   19:51
The ruling party has lost confidence both nationally and internationally - Kubilius

The ruling party has lost its trust in own people as well as at the international level. Such a statement made Andrius Kubilius, the Co-president of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

“When the ruling party failed to keep its promises, it lost trust both in its population and at the international level. It was a step backwards. It is important for us to rebuild trust.
The opposition"s proposal on how the situation can be resolved, can be discussed by both sides. We have received a pledge from the ruling party leadership that they will take the discussion of this proposal seriously. We have also received a promise, and there is hope that the result of this dialogue will be reached soon. As for prosecution of political activists, of course, this is not a European style to arrest people, or to start the prosecution due to their political activities. I can’t speak in details, but we have received a list of 87 persons from the opposition. In fact, the dialogue will have a great role. We have been promised that they will find a way out of this situation. From the European Parliament, from the Euronest delegation, we will monitor the process and see the future developments”, - said Andrius Kubilius.