25 January 2021,   18:33
Tbilisi court will discuss a preventive measure for Gigi Ugulava today

Gigi Ugulava was charged with physical assault after an incident involving athletes at Tbilisi International Airport yesterday.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that member of European Georgia was charged in connection with the incident, while Sakrebulo’s MP Goka Gabashvili was identified as the victim.

According to Ugulava, the incident happened in the most protected place at the airport, beyond passport control area. That’s why he thinks “everything was staged”.

Former Mayor says that he was sitting at the table when an unknown individual approached him and began arguing.

“I was telling him to give up, another unknown individual approached me and the fight began. The physical confrontation lasted for a few minutes, then the police appeared and took them away”, - said Gigi Ugulava.

The MIA says that one individual has been also charged and another has been identified as a victim regarding the airport incident.

A court will discuss a preventive measure for Gigi Ugulava today.