25 January 2021,   17:07
Eka Beselia quits Legal Issues Committee

Since the Legal Issues Committee has officially become the branch of the “Clan”, this was my last meeting in this committee. Such statement made independent MP Eka Beselia.

She made the decision to quit this Committee after the Parliament approved 14 Supreme Court judges.

Beselia called Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee Anri Okhanashvili “an ugly servant of the Clan”.

“I congratulate the Georgian Dream that it has officially legalized the deal with the violent past by this voting. It has officially become the heir to the injustice that was happening in the country. 9 + 8 and we can make equal sign. The Clan has won both the Legal Committee and the majority of the Georgian Dream. Since the Legal Issues Committee has officially became the branch of the Clan, this was my last sitting in this committee”, - said Eka Beselia.