20 January 2021,   14:41
The patient, whose condition was critical, is removed from the breathing machine - Levan Ratiani

The condition of the most critical patient in the First University Clinic improved dramatically. Such a statement made Levan Ratiani, the Director of the hospital.

According to him, the above mentioned patient was under respiratory control, but the doctors removed her from the breathing machine. Now she will move to the therapeutic department within a few hours.

“62-year-old woman arrived from Bolnisi, Marneuli red zone. The patient suffered from myocardial infarction, diabetes mellitus, heart failure with clinical anamnesis, etc. She was placed in the Department of Clinical Medicine, rated by physicians as extremely severe, but now the situation is stable.

As for the 80-year-old patient, the condition is serious, but the dynamics are stable and positive.

The condition of the 79-year-old patient brought in from Marneuli was also critical, with cachexia, or severe weight deficiency, over the last few months. At this point, the condition of the patient is critical but manageable.

As for the newborns, their condition is stable, after repeated testing, the answer is still negative, and they will leave the clinic today.

We are waiting for another patient’s test, after which they will decide whether this person will leave the clinic or not. We also treat a pregnant woman whose condition is satisfactory”, - told Levan Ratiani to the journalists.