12 June 2021,   15:01
The Prime Minister tasked the Health Ministry to impose strict control on readiness of hospital sector and primary care system

The Ministry of Health of Georgia was tasked to examine the readiness of the hospital sector in the next two days. Such a statement the Prime Minister made during the Inter-Agency Coordination Council.

“Unfortunately, today we have 18 new confirmed cases, yesterday we had 15. It is clear that the situation is getting worse and the virus is spreading more rapidly. Therefore, today we see clearly that the main burden is shifting to the Ministry of Health and the hospital sector.

While the situation is getting worse, the pace is getting faster as well.

We have about 1 200 doctors in the villages and about 2 000 family doctors. We need to find out where these people are and what they are doing, how prepared they are for this situation. The training of these medics is an important measure. It is the only chance we have to soften the pressure on the healthcare system”, - said Giorgi Gakharia