28 November 2020,   06:23
Starting from today we are launching an intense inspection process - Natia Turnava

The purpose of a business audit is not punishment, but the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and the protection of the health of citizens. Such a statement made during today’s briefing the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development.

According to Natia Turnava, the activities of companies will be suspended until we are confident that they follow safety rules.

“Starting today, the Labor Inspection, Technical Supervision Agency and municipal inspection offices, are launching an intense inspection process. We will check whether the recommendations of the medical sector are being implemented or will be implemented. First, we will begin to verify enterprises that have been allowed to continue their activities. We assume that we can check up to 50 enterprises and companies per day.

Besides, the Government will also inspect the companies with temporarily suspended activities”, - explained the Minister.