21 January 2022,   15:36
The number of infected people has sharply increased, this is alarming - Amiran Gamkrelidze

The number of people infected with coronavirus has sharply increased in a day, which is alarming. Such a statement made today the Head of the National Center for Disease Control.

Amiran Gamkrelidze once again called on the population to consult a doctor in case of any symptoms of the disease.

“We are now testing hundreds of patients. I’m sure there will be a number of positive cases, I don’t know yet how many, but new 30 cases today was already a sign that we already have a serious internal spreading. Some of the infected are medical staff, clergy and others. This means that the infection is already circulating in the population, sometimes without symptoms, although such cases are much less common. Therefore, we call on the population to consult a doctor if they have symptoms and to act in accordance with recommendations.

When cases surpass 300, they are expected to grow faster; if social distancing regulations are eased, 20-30 thousand will be in need of intensive care, and losses will also be expected. Consequently, I call upon the general public to abide by the restrictions. 

COVID-19 is spreading more quickly and is becoming more aggressive. The situation in our neighbouring countries is becoming more alarming. Against this backdrop, Georgia is faced with a better status quo. However, 30 infected in one day, as it was yesterday, is worth voicing concerns.

Coronavirus cases are confirmed in social strata and the only tool against it is social distancing. Stay at home before the vaccine is available! Sure, it will soon be developed”, - said Amiran Gamkrelidze.

He added that 92 Georgians are infected withCOVID-19 and 9 died abroad.