17 January 2022,   12:12
The Prime Minister Abe urges Japanese to social distance more

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed concern that Japanese people haven’t been social distancing as much as they are supposed to under the state of emergency he declared two weeks ago to fight the Covid-19.

Abe previously requested people reduce social interactions as much as 80% to slow infections to manageable levels, but surveys show people are moving around too much, especially at train stations and in downtown areas where restaurants and grocery stores are still operating.

Abe said that hospitals are overburdened already and that infections must be slowed.

“I seek further cooperation from all of you”, - he added.

Abe noted that many people in urban areas made out of town trips over the weekend, risking spreading the virus and putting elderly people at risk.

Abe has been criticised as being too slow and lax in his handling of the virus.