20 January 2022,   09:14
Police officer, detained for shooting and killing woman accidentally, charged with premeditated murder

The police officer, who was detained on charges of negligent manslaughter yesterday, April, 20, has been charged with premeditated murder.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, a drunk police officer identified as S.G, fired from his own balcony a bullet, hitting the woman - T.A. - who was in her own house, in the head.

“Dozens of investigative and procedural activities were carried out. 13 bullets and a Viking pistol were seized from the police officer’s house. We will file a motion asking the Tbilisi City Court to order pre-trial detention for the police officer.

The charge, brought against S.G. - premeditated murder - is involved in article 108 of the criminal code of Georgia and is punished by imprisonment for a term from 7 to 15 years”, - reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s Office.