18 January 2022,   03:09
“Coronavirus success story: The nation of Georgia” – the article of The Washington Times.

“Coronavirus success story: The nation of Georgia” – the article with such title publishes The Washington Times.

“What seems to have escaped world media attention however is that the fight against COVID-19 has success stories as well, perhaps none more impressive than the country of Georgia”, – says the author.

Tim Constantine interviewed Georgia’s Vice Prime Minister Maya Tskitishvili to find out what explains Georgia’s tremendous success in this battle for the good health of its people.

“We have addressed this challenge by taking it seriously from the very beginning. First, it was very early when we made decisions, the second was our careful listening to our health care professionals” – said Tskitishvili and pointed out that Georgians are responsible and “with that mutual accord we managed to stand ready to cope with the virus”.

Vice Prime Minister underlined the importance of help from the USA. “We’ve been feeling help and support from the US for many years, almost 30 years. The training the US Defense Threat Agency provided helped us to be more prepared for the coronavirus. The people they trained are health care professionals. They are very well trained and respected. The Lugar Center, through our national center for disease control, was trained by the US. (They) were the national frontrunners in the battle against the coronavirus” - Maya Tskitishvili told Tim Constantine.

She also underlined two priorities of the Georgian Government in the COVID-19 prevention measures: health of the people and health of the economy.