17 January 2022,   10:39
Inter-Agency Coordination Council discussed the ongoing activities within the first phase of economic opening

Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia led by Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia has ruled to remove the strict quarantine restrictions from Lentekhi and Khidiskuri Village of Khashuri Municipality. Decision was originally made on the grounds of targeted measures implemented in the regions to mitigate the local epidemic calamity.

It was noted at the meeting of the Inter-Agency Coordination Council that 4300 residents of Lentekhi Municipality and 80 residents of Khidiskuri Village have been screened for fever and targeted tests have been performed among all individuals found in contact with the infected ones.

Hence, Lentekhi Municipality and Khidiskuri Village of Khashuri Municipality are now subject to the State of Emergency as the rest of the country.

Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia also reviewed the activities performed in the first phase of removed restrictions and economic re-opening, including the compliance with rules and security norms defined by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

It was noted that by the end of the day another measure will end after a two-day-long exemption and citizens of Georgia will again have no right to enter or exit 4 cities of the country - Tbilisi, Rustavi, Batumi and Kutaisi. During the referred two days of exemption citizens were allowed to return to their actual places of residence. All other restrictions defined during the State of Emergency remain valid, including the Curfew from 21:00 to 06:00.

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MOESD) provided information to the Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia on the findings of monitoring performed at enterprises and reported on the compliance with MOH recommendations and security norms.

At the order of the Minister of Economy, inspections have been carried out at dozens of enterprises in the recent past and majority were found to comply with regulations and thus continue to operate. Those, that were found in breach, will be re-inspected later.

Targeted Socio-Economic Anti-Crisis Plan has also been discussed at the meeting, within which each line ministry will present its detailed input during the current week. First presentation is expected from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) today to provide detailed information to the general public on the eligibility of social allowances and benefits.

Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia discussed current situation at healthcare facilities as well, along with the available hospital beds and degree of preparedness among the medical staff.

Control over the effectiveness and uninterrupted nature of trainings are actively pursued among the medical staff, along with the monitoring of clinics is actively pursued under the management of MP Dimitri Khundadze, Chairman of the Health and Social Security Committee of the Parliament of Georgia. Process engages majoritarian MPs and local authorities, in full coordination with MOH and Operating Task Force.

Situation in the country in view of food and medical supplies has been reviewed also at the Inter-Agency Coordination Council Meeting. Levan Davitashvili, Minister of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia noted that no problem exists in terms of food supplies, as commodities are constantly replenished in an uninterrupted manner. Labor safety rules are being introduced at fruit and vegetable markets throughout the country. According to the Minister, 80 sites of this nature are registered in the country at present and majority of them fail to comply with personal hygiene and sanitary standards for the reduced risk of infectious diseases. Therefore, such fruit and vegetable markets will not be able to continue their operation.

It was noted at the Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia that repatriation of Georgian citizens continues. According to David Zalkaliani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, special flights are administered in line with recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and over 8 372 citizens of Georgia have been flown into the country, while almost 16 302 received assistance from the diplomatic missions of Georgia overseas.

Epidemic stance of the country was also discussed at the meeting of the Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia. There are 511 confirmed cases of infection with a novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country, out of which 156 individuals have recovered. Three citizens have been flown into Georgia for medical treatment. Fatalities have occurred in 6 cases.

Relevant medical treatment has been provided to infected individuals. At present 5085 individuals are placed in the quarantine, while 558 are placed under medical surveillance at healthcare facilities of the country.

Inter-Agency Coordination Council of the Government of Georgia continues its intensive work under the leadership of the Prime Minister of Georgia in the format of video conferencing with an aim of implementing series of coordinated actions.

Parliament of Georgia under the chairmanship of MP Archil Talakvadze and Administration of the President of Georgia are actively participating in the work of the Inter-Agency Coordination Council.

Authorities of the country have decided to provide accurate and timely information to general public as one of its key directions in the fight against the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Information on the epidemic and economic conditions have been readily shared from day one with this aim in mind, along with the intention and justification of imposed regulations. Provision of such information has been conveyed daily via various means of communication. Yet another one has been added to the available channels of the government communication and comprehensive information is eagerly shared on the measures taken by the authorities on the prevention of COVID-19, which presents the daily updated information on the government designed and administered website at www.StopCoV.ge.

In addition, interested individuals may also subscribe for news posted on the tailor-made website of the Government of Georgia at www.StopCoV.ge via Telegraph. Referred smartphone application makes the comprehensive news available through a news channel in Georgian and English languages on the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia and measures implemented throughout the country by the Government.