18 January 2022,   02:41
We will be in COVID-19 crisis for at least a year – the Prime Minister of Armenia

Now who can say how long this crisis of coronavirus will last? I, for example, can say that our calculations show that we will be in this crisis for at least a year, until March next year. Such a statement made the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan.

“Therefore, if we say that people may not pay the utilities during the whole crisis, it means that, let’s say, there will be no electricity in the country.

The electricity and natural gas of the beneficiaries of the 11th and 12th anti-crisis measures have not been turned off, and the matter is about 300 000 subscribers. The whole problem is that we have not been able to locate the real needy. Our goal is to help people who really have a social problem.

The crisis is a crisis in the sense that we will all - the country, the government, political credibility – suffer. The crisis throws new challenges at every turn, and we must address them”, - concluded the Prime Minister.