16 July 2020,   08:15
Lelo for Georgia offers the Government to create credit guarantee fund

According to the leader of the party Mamuka Khazaradze, the fund is one of the most important parts of the 6 billion anti-crisis model proposed by the party.

“The fund would allow companies not to lose 80% of their employees. If the scheme is implemented in Georgia, the country’s economy will double in 4 years and an additional 200 000 jobs will be created.

This idea exists in many countries. Ranging from Japan to our neighbor Turkey, this is not only a solution to a short-term problem, but also a serious stimulus to revive the long-term economy.

The above is the only right way out of the situation in which our economy has fallen. We are now in a situation of extinguishing the fire, but when the fire is extinguished, we should not be left with a burnt house”, - concluded Khazaradze.