14 August 2020,   00:28
One person detained by police for incident in Gldani district

On July 9, 2020 Public Safety Management Center “112” received information according to which, several shots have been made from one of the residence buildings located on Akaki Vasadze Street, Gldani district, Tbilisi. On the basis of the received information, law enforcers as well as ambulance crew were mobilized at the scene.

As a result of operative-investigative activities it was established that citizen B.Sh. (DoB 1997) in unsober state, made several untargeted shots with presumably signal firearm. As a result of firing no one was injured. Herewith, B.Sh. ignored lawful order of police officers and refused to open the apartment door for certain period of time.

B.Sh. has been detained under the article 173 (Non-compliance with a lawful order or demand of a law-enforcement officer) and article 166 (minor hooliganism) envisaged by Code of Administrative Offences. Law enforcers have also seized the firearm as evidence. On the fact of illegal purchase and keeping of firearm investigation is in progress under the article 236, III part of the Criminal Code of Georgia.