09 August 2020,   03:51
New factory in Rustavi will create 3000 new jobs - Giorgi Gakharia

I absolutely had to be here for several reasons. First, a new factory will be built here in Rustavi amid the economic crisis to create 3,000 new jobs. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister during event dedicated to the launch of construction of the Kartli Textile factory in Rustavi.

Giorgi Gakharia emphasized the creation of new jobs as the Government’s main concern.

“This is our priority today. We all understand that, under the crisis circumstances, the household incomes of our citizens have dropped, we must do everything to minimize the impact on business and create new jobs, while also keeping the existing ones.

It is of critical importance that after this factory is commissioned, 3,000 new jobs will be created in 4 months. That is a serious achievement for the region and the city.

Back when I was Business Ombudsman, Adjara Textile was taking its first steps and our cooperation was quite dynamic. After Adjara, there was another in Poti and then in Kobuleti, and now we have a 4th factory, all of which are, in fact, in the vanguard of Georgia"s light industry. We all need to understand that we must work this way, sector by sector. This enterprise will manufacture goods for export.

The Government’s top priority today is to minimize the impact of the crisis on the economy and business and, more importantly, to create new jobs despite the crisis. We have been saying it all along, that we must use this crisis as an opportunity. Goods manufactured here will be used and worn by the world’s finest national teams and athletes. It will make us proud when a product will read “manufactured in Georgia”. We must care for business, care for one another, create new jobs, and empower local production, of course. I congratulate Rustavi’s residents on this major achievement”, - concluded the Head of the Government.

Kartli Textile is owned by Adjara Textile, which also operates three factories in Batumi, Poti, and Kobuleti. Adjara Textile manufactures and exports over GEL 15 mln worth of retail products a year.