14 August 2020,   21:12
The second wave may be devastating - Dimitri Khundadze

A plenary session of Parliament is underway at the moment. MPs are discussing changes that would extend the deadline for imposing restrictions on the government without declaring a state of emergency.

According to the one of the authors of the bill Dimitri Khundadze, despite Georgia’s success against COVID-19, the pandemic situation remains a serious challenge for our country.

“Although Georgia has achieved a remarkably positive result in the fight against COVID-19, we, like the rest of the world, have to live in a pandemic mode. Most specialists confirm the estimated second wave, countries are already preparing for it.

Like other states, we shall prepare for the second wave, and in order for the Government to be able to manage the crisis properly, we must extend the public health law until the New Year so that the Government can manage the crisis without declaring a state of emergency”, - said Khundadze.