03 July 2022,   21:06
An employee of the Environmental Supervision Department detained on the fact of bribery

As a result of operative-searching and investigative activities carried out, representatives of Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia detained the employee of the state subordinated agency Department of Environmental Supervision on the fact of bribery.

Investigation determined that, the accused person being officially in charge of supervision over timber transportation in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, in order to receive illegal material benefit, to disguise the origins of illegally obtained timber, in exchange for providing forged waybill necessary for transportation and passing through the checkpoint of the Department of Environmental Supervision without any problems, demanded GEL 5 400 from a certain person and was arrested while receiving the amount.


Investigation is underway under the first part of article 338 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages imprisonment from 6 to 9 years.