29 September 2020,   20:46
The court to discuss the measure of restraint of the detained doctors today

The court to discuss the measure of restraint of the detained doctors today. According to the lawyer, the detainees are innocent and they should be released.

The Prosecutor’s Office arrested the director of the Tbilisi Central Hospital and the doctor of the same clinic on the fact of professional negligence, fraud using official position and illegal medical activities, while another person was charged in absentia in connection with the fact of illegal medical activity.

Doctor V.K. assured the patient and his family members that the examination results for the patient had been sent to Italy and that surgery should be performed by doctors invited from Italy according to their recommendations.

However, the operation got performed by the doctor V.K. himself. He did not have a state certificate of independent medical activity in the specialty "Orthopedics-Traumatology," M.Kh., who also did not have a state and/or temporary certificate in any of the specialties and worked as a consultant in a hospital under a contract assisted him. N.C. had pains after the surgery, so the patient referred to the mentioned hospital again. V.K. persuaded the patient and his family members to operate again, saying that it was a recommendation of Italian specialists and that doctors from Italy would perform the operation.

N.C. underwent a repeat operation, and, like the first operation, it was carried out by unlicensed persons instead of Italian specialists. Due to the doctors’ mistakes, the patient’s condition complicated, and he is still in a coma.