29 September 2020,   21:27
Tbilisi Central Hospital releases a statement on the detention of doctors

Tbilisi Central Hospital releases a statement on the detention of doctors. The clinic dismissed the allegations of Prosecutor’s Office that a patient was operated on by unlicensed doctors in the hospital back in 2018.

The director of the Hospital was detained yesterday, as well as a doctor Vakhtang Kipiani, for misuse of authority, fraudulence and illegal medical practice. A third individual in the case - Magda Khocholava - is on the run and has been charged in absentia. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Kipaini and Khocholava without having a license in traumatology, operated on a 23-year-old patient in 2018 twice and the patient has been in coma ever since.

As the Hospital says, the patient suffered from a tumor formation in the leg and the first operation was conducted by the group of Georgian and Italian doctors, under supervision of a well-known Italian doctor Roberto Agaci.

“Kipiani is a well-known, licensed specialist in radiology with more than 15 years of experience, while Khocholava was licensed in Italy as an anesthesiologist and works both in Italy and Georgia. Khocholava works in a well-known clinic in Italy and a statement that she is on the run is absolutely groundless.

The first operation in the summer was successful and the second operation was needed for the complete recovery of the patient. The second operation was not conducted at all as the Prosecutor"s Office says as the situation got completed after anesthesia.

All the charges against the head of the clinic and its doctors are groundless”, - reads the statement of the Hospital.