21 September 2020,   06:08
We will never tolerate the occupation - Giorgi Gakharia

The Prime Minister of Georgia comments on the 12th anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war. according to Giorgi Gakharia, Georgia will never accept the occupation.

“12 years have passed since we went through the hardest days in the recent history of our country.

The Russia-Georgia war of 2008 claimed the lives of hundreds of our citizens, including civilians. We lost our hero soldiers, territories. These were days full of tragedy that left us with the greatest pain and severe consequences.

We will never tolerate the occupation.

We stand on the peaceful path of solving this challenge and our international partners stand by us in this process.

We will never repeat the mistakes of the past because we know very well that there is no alternative to peace and that peace, joint work and economic progress are the preconditions for the unification of our country.

That is why the choice of our government is a peaceful, rational and consistent policy that will inevitably lead to the ultimate goal - complete de-occupation and the peaceful coexistence of artificially divided societies in a united, democratic, European state”, - said the Head of the Government.