01 October 2020,   08:56
The Government to subsidize the cost of apples

The Government is subsidizing the cost of apples as a way to support fruit growers and processing companies. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

As you know the government is subsidizing the purchase of grapes this year, and the next step we will take will be to [help] store the apple harvest too. The price of apples in the international markets has dropped a lot this year, so on the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture, we have to make a decision to subsidise the purchase of substandard apples by 10 tetri. Eventually the price of one kilogram apple for farmers will be not less than 22 tetri.

During the economic crisis the Government is helping various sectors of the economy, including agriculture. The main goal is that not a single gram of farmers produce go unstored.

A coordination centre overseeing the apple harvest, which operates under the supervision of the Government, has already begun operating. The programme for subsidizing substandard apples will continue until the end of the year”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.