22 October 2020,   16:44
A state of emergency and full quarantine is not planned in Georgia - Natia Mezvrishvili

The Government continues to take consistent steps in the fight against the coronavirus, Head of the Administration of the Georgian Government said after today’s session of the Interagency Coordination Council.

“In terms of enforcement and regulations presently applicable to various events, control has been upgraded significantly, including in Batumi. We would like once again to inform the public that no state of emergency or lockdown is planned in the country, including in Batumi, at this point. Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned. However, restrictions are applied locally as needed. In Batumi, for example, specific restrictions are in force, and so are special restrictions related to the learning process”, - said Natia Mezvrishvili.

She added that Vice Prime Minister Maia Tskitishvili, Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze, and Head of the NCDC Amiran Gamkrelidze are in Batumi on the instructions of the Prime Minister in order to upgrade and secure the management of the situation on the ground.

“We have been informed by the population about specific flaws, which is why monitoring groups are working extensively to minimize and eliminate possible problems”, - concluded the Head of the Administration.