30 October 2020,   08:35
I believe we will restore relations between the governments and the people - Sergey Lavrov

I believe we will restore relations, such a statement Russian Foreign Affairs Minister made in the interview to RTVI.

“We have never planned anything against the Georgian people. Everyone remembers how the events unfolded in 2008. Everyone remembers how U.S. instructors were there and trained the Georgian army. Everyone knows that the Americans knew very well about the incontinence of Mikheil Saakashvili, who broke all agreements and issued criminal orders.

After a 5-day military operation to bring peace, the Council of Europe commissioned a special report, set up a panel of experts led by a Swiss diplomat who was then asked to lead a team investigating 2008 war. They concluded that all this happened on the orders of Saakashvili, all the other talks he tried to use, as if someone was trying to provoke him from the other side of the tunnel, all this is already a fabrication. I think that the Georgian people are wise, they love life, maybe even as much as the nations of the Russia.

Anyway, I believe in some common points and common aspirations. I believe that despite everything, they will overcome this anomalous situation and we will restore normal relations between the governments and the people, - said Sergey Lavrov.