30 October 2020,   09:40
Most coronavirus patients have developed mild and moderate symptoms, some of them are asymptomatic as well - Amiran Gamkrelidze

Most coronavirus patients, who are currently being treated in hospitals or quarantine facilities, have mild and moderate symptoms, some of them are asymptomatic. Such a statement made today the Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC).

“The total number of asymptomatic patients stands at 10-15%. Asymptomatic patients mostly go to the quarantine areas. On top of that, we have 13 patients in a critical state, of those, five require artificial ventilation. Four of them are from occupied Abkhazia. We are actively assisting our region of Abkhazia. In general, about 70 patients are seriously ill, and the rest are mild, moderate and asymptomatic patients”, - said Amiran Gamkrelidze.

He added that the increase in the number of coronavirus infections in Georgia in recent days is quite significant, which requires more caution.

“In general, in terms of overall prevalence and incidence, Georgia still remains the safest country in the European region. However, as you know, we have a triple figure every day for the last week, i.e. more than 100 daily infections, which is quite significant and requires more caution - more attention from the population, as well as from doctors and, of course, the state. Therefore, all measures are taken and everything is being done to stop it, especially at this stage in the Adjara region, which remains the hot spot. As you know, the expanded testing is being carried out”, - concluded NCDC.