22 October 2020,   19:44
Internal roads in Kharagauli are an important challenge - Giorgi Gakharia

Internal roads in Kharagauli are an important challenge. Such a statement made the Prime Minister of Georgia, while presenting Paata Kvizhinadze, a majoritarian MP candidate in Chiatura and Kharagauli, and Koba Lursmanashvili, a Kharagauli mayoral candidate.

“Historically, the road has always been paramount for Kharagauli Municipality. Famous caravan and trade routes were placed here. The construction of the Rikoti tunnel is of critical importance for the country. Everyone should understand that we will receive a completely different country.

I want to emphasize that despite the economic crisis, the pandemic, the construction works have not been stopped for a single day.

This road is extremely important for Kharagauli. When it is completed, though many locals are still employed here, it should become a new, most important component for employment promotion in this Municipality.


Our goal is simple - an economically strong, just, educated and European state that we must build together. In order to achieve this goal, we must win this election together!”, - Giorgi Gakharia.