26 October 2020,   18:11
This is an attack on independent media and attempt of intimidating journalists - GPB General Director

The new Director General of the Public Broadcaster addresses international organizations.

Tinatin Berdzenishvili demands to pay attention to the statements of the opposition, which speak about the abolition of the Public Broadcaster. Berdzenishvili thinks that this is pressure on the media.

“Georgian Public Broadcaster is recognized as being the cornerstone of the country’s democracy. This is the European model. We have a claim to cover the elections impartially, with balance and pluralistically. Similar statements made on part of politicians damages the media environment and fundamental principles of democracy.

Therefore, I would have been very careful about making comments upon the statements of politicians and would call on them for refraining from such attacks in the pre-election period. This can be considered as an attack on independent media and an attempt of intimidating journalists.

I want to ask all international organizations to observe the process and not to allow any political force to try to ruin the main European values and fundamental democratic principles”, - said Tinatin Berdzenishvili.