28 October 2020,   19:23
Russia will target Georgian elections – Anders Fog Rasmussen

Russia is likely to target the upcoming October 31 parliamentary elections in Georgia. Such a statement made today the former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fog Rasmussen during the online launch of the Pledge for Election Integrity in Georgia, an initiative of the Transatlantic Council. 

Through joining the initiative the candidates pledge not to aid and abet foreign powers to meddle in Georgia’s democratic process. 

“The future of Georgia should be decided by Georgians and not by the Kremlin, Europe or America. However, many recent reports have proven that Russia is trying to interfere with Georgia’s democratic development. Russia has made a scheme which is a combination of disinformation, illegal, financial activities and cyber attacks. The pledge for the elections, which is a global standard for fair and transparent elections, will help Georgia prevent election-related foreign threats”, - said Rasmussen.