04 December 2020,   04:19
UNM requested to hold large rally near the Parliament on the election day – Mamuka Mdinaradze

The UNM opposition party has requested a permit from Tbilisi City hall to hold a large rally in front of the Parliament on October 31. Such a statement made today the Georgian Dream MP Mamuka Mdinaradze/

“The United National Movement has plans to spark tension on the election day as they have zero chance of winning the elections. They are getting ready for rallies and confrontations. 

The UNM’s alleged motive for holding the rally to protect votes is absurd. When all political parties and voters will be involved in the election the UNM will provide all its resources on the central avenue to spark tensions. The Georgian people must respond appropriately to the destructive actions of the radical opposition in the elections. 

Every individual who thinks about Georgia’s further and faster advancement, who thinks that Georgia should apply for EU membership in 2024 must say no to the destructive forces, go to the polls and vote for a successful Georgia. Not only the UNM and its branches must be defeated in the elections, the Georgian people must win and the radical parties must lose any illusion of success”, - said Mamuka Mdinaradze.