19 April 2021,   01:07
Traffic is temporarily restricted in some districts of Tbilisi - the MIA

The Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs would like to inform citizens that today, on February 26, protest rally organized by the opposition political parties is taking place in Tbilisi, due to which the traffic is temporarily restricted in some districts of the capital.

In order to ensure public order and safety, traffic on Petre Melikishvili Street and Merab Kostava Avenue will be temporarily restricted from 13:00.

During the protest march and rally, traffic movement will also be restricted on Rustaveli Avenue and the following streets leading to the mentioned location:

• Alexandre Chavchavadze Street
• Mitropane Laghidze Street
• Besik Street
• Lesia Ukrainka Street
• Zakaria Chichinadze Street
• 9 April Street
• Anton Purtseladze Street
• Archil Jorjadze Street
• Gia Chanturia Street
• Rezo Laghidze Street
• Vaso Abashidze Street
• Meskhia Street

Traffic movement will be allowed through the following alternative routes: right bank of Mtkvari River and Rezo Tabukashvili Street, as well as through Chonkadze Street, in the direction of Zemo Vera.

The safe movement of traffic is regulated by patrol police crews. As soon as the protest rally is over, the traffic movement will be resumed as usual.