18 April 2021,   22:05
Protests in occupied Abkhazia - locals say they are protesting against a meeting between the so-called presidential aide and the Georgian side

Abkhaz opposition supporters gathered in Sokhumi. They are protesting against the alleged Tbilisi visit of Benur Kviraia, Aslan Bzhania’s former aide.

Opposition’s Abkhaz People’s Movement alleged in its statement that Kviraia and 2 other persons arrived in Tbilisi on February 25 based on Bzhania’s instructions, in agreement with the Abkhaz security service. They decried the visit, stating that Bzhania “crossed the red line” by sending his aide to Tbilisi to “negotiate direct economic and trade relations”.

Bzhania’s “press service” said Kviraia is no longer serving ashis aide after resigning on February 19. They added that he was never given instructions to negotiate with the Georgia.

The Abkhaz People’s Movement also claimed that a video on social media showed Kviraia toasting to his Georgian friend, Davit Kvaratskhelia, alleging that the latter “fought against the people of Abkhazia” in early 1990s.

Besides, the Abkhaz People’s Movement slammed Bzhania for he “has consistently tried to introduce the idea that our new path is a multi-level dialogue with Georgia”. Accusing Bzhania of surrendering “national interests”, the opposition party said he no longer has the “right to possess the powers to determine Abkhaz foreign policy”.