18 April 2021,   22:09
The main focus was on the unconditional release of illegally detained Georgian citizens - Irakli Antadze

A number of important issues were discussed at the meeting, with the main focus on the unconditional release of illegally detained Georgian citizens. Such a statement made the Deputy Director of the Information-Analytical Department of the State Security Service, after the 5-hour-long meeting of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism in Ergneti.

“The main issue of today’s meeting was the unconditional release of our fellow citizens from illegal detention. This issue was raised very urgently, as you know, there is a high degree of international support on this issue, which was underlined at today"s meeting.

At this stage, it will be difficult to talk about specific dates, but we hope that in the near future, all our illegally detained fellow citizens will return to their families.

Besides, we discussed all the important incidents in the occupied region and the surrounding areas. In this context, the main problem is the so-called illegal borderization. This process is an organic part of all the negative developments that affects the local, indigenous people on both sides of the occupation line

As for the Chorchana checkpoint, naturally, we had a discussion about this issue. Our position is unequivocal - this is a standard police post and its main purpose is to promote the security environment”, - he said Irakli Antadze.