09 May 2021,   13:44
Registration of Georgian citizens for legal employment in Israel starts today

Registration of Georgian citizens for legal employment in Israel starts today. According to the agreement between the State of Israel and the Government of Georgia, Georgian citizens will be able to be employed as assistants in long-term care facilities in the State of Israel.

Registration is available throughout the year on the portal http://workabroad.moh.gov.ge/ The duration of employment is 12 months, after which the employee must leave Israel.

Employment means working full time – 6 working days a week, 42 ​​hours a week. Overtime work (additional 16 hours or more per week) is possible, which will be remunerated at an increased rate.

Functions and responsibilities of the worker:

Patient care and mobility assistance;
Patient feeding/feeding assistance;
Patient hygiene care (including bathing, grooming, linen replacement);
Maintaining the cleanliness of the chamber;
Communication with the patient;
Provide other assistance to patients as needed under the supervision of a nurse.

The job seeker must meet the following requirements: At least high school / Must have a state-recognized “Home Care / Care” training diploma/certificate, or a diploma from a nurse/nurse assistant / Fluency in English and/or Russian / Must be a citizen of Georgia / Age - from 25 to 45 years / Physically and mentally healthy / No criminal record / Without work history in Israel / must not have parents, spouse, children working or living in Israel / must consent to pass the COVID-19 test in Georgia before entering Israel/ must agree to COVID-19 and other vaccinations required to work in a long-term care facility upon arrival in Israel in accordance with current regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

For more information, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/worknet.gov.ge or call 1505.