09 May 2021,   15:21
In case of legalization of marijuana, Girchi is ready to end the parliamentary boycott

The opposition Girchi party has published its action plan on Parliament entry in a teaser of its newspaper, which will be presented later today. Girchi will enter the legislature if the Georgian Dream fulfils 1 of the 7 outlined issues in full.

Girchi’s way is as follows:

Next parliamentary elections should be held in a fully proportional system and with a natural threshold;
District police sheriffs should be directly elected by the population;
Judges at the Court of First Instance should be directly elected by the people, defendants should have a right to choose a judge (elected or appointed);
Restitution should be in line with the points agreed with the opposition;
The multi-currency regime should be permitted in Georgia;
Private secondary schools should be fully exempt from state regulation;
Marijuana should be fully legalized.

This action plan will come into force if the ruling team and the opposition fail to reach an agreement.