20 June 2021,   08:32
Biden says “no evidence” Russia involved in US pipeline hack but Putin should act

Joe Biden said that “so far” there has been no evidence that the cyber attack late last week on a US pipeline had any involvement from the Russian state but that he believes Russia “has some responsibility” to deal with ransomware attacks emanating from its soil, writes The Guardian.

“It’s a criminal act, obviously. We have efforts under way with the FBI and DoJ to disrupt and prosecute ransomware criminals”, - the US president said.

Questioned by the media, after an address at the White House in which Biden condemned attacks on critical infrastructure, about whether he believed Russia was involved in the hack, the US president said he was going to be meeting with Vladimir Putin in due course.

“So far there is no evidence based on, from our intelligence people, that Russia is involved, though there is evidence that the actors, ransomware, is in Russia. They have some responsibility to deal with this”, - he said.