24 July 2021,   07:32
Time to End Russia’s Veto on Georgia’s NATO Membership - The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation publishes an article “Time to End Russia’s Veto on Georgia’s NATO Membership”. The Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Foreign Policy Center and one of the researchers writes about Georgia.

“Russia’s malign actions in Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova - and the inability of the transatlantic community to push back - has given Moscow a de facto veto on any future NATO membership. Simply out, Georgia cannot join NATO because the Kremlin wants to keep Georgia out of the alliance more than the alliance wants Georgia in.

NATO and Georgian policymakers can either get creative to chart out a realistic and reasonable path to get Georgia into NATO, or they can continue to allow Russia to veto NATO enlargement. Now is the time for fresh thinking and bold ideas to allow Georgia to join NATO.

The United States should push for Georgia’s membership by temporarily amending Article 6 of the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty, replacing the current Membership Action Plan process with something more applicable to the geopolitical circumstances of the remaining candidate countries, and working closely with NATO allies in Central and Eastern Europe to build a coalition of support for such moves. Doing this will require political will and strong leadership from the United States, Europe, and Georgia”, - reads the letter.