24 July 2021,   09:31
Mass vaccination will start from July - Tamar Gabunia

Mass vaccination will begin in the summer. July will be the first month actively loaded with vaccinations. Such a statement made today the Deputy Minister of Health.

“16 hospitals and 15 primary health care facilities in Tbilisi are ready to join the program. Additional vaccination places will appear in Tbilisi. Work is underway to set up vaccination centers in the gathering places, which the Ministry of Health will supervise with safety and service standards being observed”, - said Tamar Gabunia.

She also added that incentive measures will be considered and a package that the state can offer to the fully vaccinated population will be developed.

“Corporate responsibility and encouraging employees to get involved in the vaccination program is important. We are also considering modifying the mandatory testing regime, i.e. the mandatory testing regime will be gradually replaced by the vaccination process and the vaccinated person will no longer need to participate in the mandatory testing. Of course, opportunities for cooperation with business are being considered, in addition to the launch of a certain discount package for those who will have such so-called green pass”, - concluded the Deputy Minister.