24 July 2021,   08:15
Police solved the fact of armed robbery in Tbilisi - three people detained

The officers of Vake-Saburtalo Police Main Division under Tbilisi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained previously convicted for armed robbery - G.M. (DoB1979), and G.Ts. (DoB 1986) as a result of operative and investigative activities. The mentioned persons have been detained for armed robbery charges.

The committed crime envisages from 8 to 12 years of imprisonment.

Police also arrested K.G. (DoB1987) who sold gold items, seized as a result of the armed robbery, to the woman employed at the gold market. The mentioned person was also keeping ammunition in his apartment.

The investigation established that on June 10 of the current year, G.M. And G.Ts. committed the assault against the owner of one of the houses located on Chikovani Street, Tbilisi and appropriated jewelry worth of 40,000 GEL under the pressure of the cold steel.

Law enforcement officers seized the items stolen as a result of the robbery as evidence. During the search of the house of K.G. police also seized firearm magazines.

Investigation is in progress under the Article 179, Part II and Part III, Subparagraphs “B” and “C” of the Criminal Code of Georgia, as well as Article 236, Part III, which implies armed robbery committed through illegal entry into the apartment and seizure of a large amount of items and illegal purchase and storage of ammunition.