24 July 2021,   09:24
Ana Dolidze proposes her candidacy for the post of Tbilisi Mayo

The leader of For People movement proposes her candidacy for the post of Tbilisi Mayor. Ana Dolidze wrote about this decision on her Facebook page.

“Tbilisi Mayors used to be proposed by influential groups starting from independence gaining by Georgia to the date regardless of their competence to resolve problems or their love for the capital.

Tbilisi residents complain about the city turned into a concrete jungle, traffic jams, embezzled budget, the ack of primary infrastructure - sewage systems, pavements, roads, and recreational spaces in the 21st century.

Complaining is acceptable but there is no time for much dissatisfaction. There is one answer: Tbilisi, which is an example for entire Georgia, needs a Mayor, who knows exactly what people need”, - writes Ana Dolidze.