24 July 2021,   08:58
We are determined to continue to stand in support of the territorial integrity of the EU’s Eastern partners, will support the reforms in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova - U.S.-EU Summit statement

The U.S.-EU Summit released the 36-point statement “Towards a Renewed Transatlantic Partnership”, which also mentions Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.

“To coordinate our policies and actions, we plan to establish a U.S.-EU high-level dialogue on Russia. We condemn Russia’s continued actions to undermine Ukraine’s and Georgia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence. We call on Russia to ensure foreign diplomatic missions in Russia can operate in a safe, secure, and productive fashion.

We urge Russia to stop its continuous crackdown on civil society, the opposition, and independent media, and release all political prisoners. At the same time, we keep channels of communication open and possibilities for selective cooperation in areas of common interest. We also commit to work together to address the urgent and escalating threat from criminal ransomware networks that pose risks to our citizens and companies.

We are determined to continue to stand in support of the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the EU’s Eastern partners and will support the reform path of Ukraine, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova. We resolve to work towards long-term peace, resilience, and stability in the South Caucasus”, - reads the statement.