24 July 2021,   08:35
Tbilisi City Hall launches program to promote development of women’s sports and parasports

The Mayor of Tbilisi announced today that Tbilisi City Hall is going to launch a new program aimed at promoting the development of various sports and parasports for women, promotion of mass sports, and encouragement of women’s teams and clubs.

“The program will fund teams and clubs founded in 2021, women and people with disabilities, whose legal address and place of operation is Tbilisi. This funding will be used to purchase sports equipment and to cover the cost of renting a training space.

Besides, for the success achieved in the Georgian National Championship and the Georgian Parasport Team Championship, teams and clubs of women and people with disabilities will be awarded, whose location and place of operation before and during the championship is Tbilisi.

The first-place winner of these teams will receive GEL 10 000, the second-place winner will receive GEL 8 000, and the third-place winner will receive GEL 5 000”, - added Kakha Kaladze.