24 July 2021,   08:18
1 person detained for illegal purchase, keeping and carrying of firearms within the frames of the ongoing investigation of Bolnisi murder case

The officers of Kvemo Kartli Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the frames of the ongoing investigation of the murder case of Bolnisi, detained I.Ch. (DoB 1991) for Illegal purchase-keeping and carrying of firearm.

The investigation established that during the confrontation in Bolnisi, as a result of which one person was fatally wounded, I.Ch. was at the scene with an automatic firearm seized by the law enforcers.

Investigative activities are currently being held to identify and detain others involved in the mentioned criminal case.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of premeditated murder and illegal purchase-keeping and carrying of firearm, article 108 and 236 envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia.