31 July 2021,   23:54
10-month-old baby accidentally buys USD 10 000 upgrade for Tesla car

A TikTok user has shared, with great regret, what has happened to her Tesla car, writes Euroweeklynews.

As reported by 20 Minutos, apparently her 10-month-old son fiddled with her iPad while she was cooking and accidentally entered the app for her Tesla Model X car, with such bad luck that he hit the option to buy the “complete autonomous driving package” - an upgrade that cost USD 10 000. But neither she nor her husband realized this had occurred until the bank statements arrived several days later, at which point there was no going back, as the purchase was only refundable within 48 hours.

After 1.8 million views, many of the comments claimed that it was a lie because her bank would have warned her of such a high purchase for security reasons. However, the TikToker argued that, after buying the Tesla, their credit card was linked to their car account and payments were authorised to make them easier, a decision that has now brought them problems.